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Apologia Live Online Classes Voted #1

Movies and Meaning: An Introduction to Film/LIVE

with Mr. David Webb


*Easy Payment Plans: $84/month *(details below)

Grade Recommendation: 8th-12th (& adult)

Teacher-Led & Graded by Author David Webb, B.A.:

  • Live:  Weekly Thursdays 1:30 PM - 2:45 PM ET, or
  • Flexible Recorded/Graded Option: The day/time does not work for me! Register anyway for this LIVE class. Notify your teacher that you need this option. Watch the recorded class weekly and meet all deadlines.

Course Dates: August 26-May 12

Cost: $588 (+$50 registration fee, not refundable)

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Course Description Summary – This course will focus on the art and history of American motion pictures, from their silent beginnings to the golden age of Hollywood to the present day. The course will be taught from a biblical worldview perspective. 

*Approximate amount if registered by March 31, 2021. Payment plans will vary based on your registration date. Final payment due on or before Oct. 31, 2021. You may request a custom payment schedule AFTER you register.

Full Description:

This course will focus on the art and history of American motion pictures, from their silent beginnings to the golden age of Hollywood to the present day. Along the way, we will discuss how movies are made, how the film business has adapted and changed, and how movies have changed us, the audience. Given the power of film to persuade and entertain, a moviegoer’s willing suspension of disbelief, and new technologies designed to overwhelm our visual and aural senses, this course is designed to equip students to 1) make good viewing choices both now and as adults and 2) engage their brains and guard their hearts when the lights go down. Students will learn how to understand what a movie is really saying through the filmmakers’ use of story, style, and theme. They will learn to think and talk about a film in a way that goes beyond its entertainment value, enabling them to affect the cultural conversation as media-wise Christians.

This course will be taught from a biblical worldview perspective. Class topics include overviews of film genres from musicals, comedies, and westerns to animation, film noir, and biblical epics; the elements of movie production such as acting, directing cinematography, film editing, and music scoring; and how to recognize the worldviews being promoted in a film. There will be some outside reading, short-answer homework assignments, tests, and a final term paper. Students will also have the opportunity to review non-assigned movies for extra credit.

ABOUT THE FILMS: Each week, students will be assigned a specific film to watch outside of class and should be prepared to discuss the movie at the next class. A list of streaming services known to carry the film will be provided that week, but students and their parents will be responsible for accessing the film and for any rental fees or purchase required to watch the film. NOTE: Assigned movies may deal with adult themes or subject matter, but students will not be assigned to watch R-rated films. A complete list of films will be made available prior to the first class. Most of the movies will be classics produced prior to the advent of the ratings system.

Payment plan available: $50 deposit plus 10 payments of $53.80, paid weekly.
  • Aug 26th, 2021 - May 12th, 2022
    Thu for 32 weeks from 1:30 - 2:45 pm

    Will run

Online Class

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